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Symptoms of pregnancy in the first days


If you're a graph of basal temperature, you can identify a pregnancy even before the first symptoms. However, even under the supervision of a clear "picture" of conception on the chart you want to find some more evidence of their guesses. Ideally, of course, be tested for HCG, or at least to do the test, but you can also listen to your feelings and look at the changes. Sometimes the symptoms of pregnancy appear in the first days after conception. Of course, we can not say that you will notice changes almost a few hours after intercourse. But after some time the body will gradually rebuilt under the new regime, to ensure the safety of the ovum and favorable conditions for its development.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first days is not expressed and manifested not always, however, some of them are particularly sensitive and considerate woman is able to recognize. Spotting 6-12 days after conception a woman may observe at spotting. It may be conventional bleach mixed with blood or blood-streaked, and creamy yellow discharge, beige or pinkish hue. Contact with blood cells in the vaginal discharge is due to the implantation of the ovum: just by the time it reaches the uterus and makes its landing. To attach to the surface of the blastocyst in the uterine epithelium scrapes a small indentation to put down their roots here. Scarce spotting could be renewed in the days of increased activity of the ovum. Very often women take them for the beginning of next month. Note that this symptom is not observed in 100% of cases. Then, on the conception held may indicate other symptoms of pregnancy in the first days. The symptoms of acute respiratory disease around the same time you may feel unwell.

 Unsuspecting pregnant women sure she caught a cold. On the background of elevated body temperature runny nose, sore throat, body aches, severe physical fatigue. Hot flashes are replaced by chills, a woman can not get warm, and suddenly it becomes impossible to breathe. Well, if you're not used to treat or prefer innocuous folk methods (hot tea, bed rest), because the drug can damage the future baby and even cause miscarriage in early pregnancy. This "disease" in the first days of pregnancy is understandable: the body temperature rises under the influence of progesterone, whose level in the blood with the onset of pregnancy is increasing rapidly. Other symptoms are joined by a temporary drop immunity, which is necessary to secure the fetal eggs: the female body perceives it as a foreign body and tries to get rid of the "invader."

 Reducing the protective functions mom helps future baby to settle down in the womb. Drowsiness and fatigue symptoms at the same time align the overall fatigue. Some women feel the most real physical and moral exhaustion: they are exhausted, always want to sleep, maybe even develop apathy. Dream becomes stronger in the evening and at night and in the morning interrupted. Get up at times, it seems impossible for the night you are not sleeping at all. These symptoms occur in the first days after conception and also due to the activity of progesterone and the tremendous work that your body started to change their condition.

 Humor can sometimes be bad at all: associates notice that you have been flashing for nothing, and you, this, of course, even more annoying. After the second month, the situation has to change: to take care of the mental stimulation of estrogen, the level of which will increase with the time limit. See also first signs of pregnancy The first signs of pregnancy after conception Symptoms missed abortion Symptoms of early pregnancy The first signs of pregnancy after a delay Nausea and vomiting in the first place, but nevertheless very often find expression these symptoms of pregnancy in the first days.

 Collar women not only smells, but even the thoughts of some products. Taste and smell preferences abruptly changed. Poor health and increased salivation may be adopted for the poisoning, especially if they are joined by more and vomiting. All of these reactions are protective, and do not carry any threat if expressed slightly. In the case of large losses saliva and often repeated vomiting worsening state of the expectant mother, which also has a negative impact on the development of the fetus. Therefore it is necessary to discuss this issue with your doctor. Not ruled out the opposite turn of events: the appetite women are so improved that it may even scare it. And usually you want something specific, often - do not mix with each other. Changes in the breast Many women breasts swell and become somewhat more sensitive every time before menstruation.

 But with the onset of pregnancy you notice that this time it is not, as usual. Enhanced sensitivity so that any touch delivers chest pain and discomfort. The very severe chest grows significantly, and may even darken the nipple and areola. The reverse effect: a very sensitive breasts before each menstruation, this time surprisingly did not hurt. Changes in the uterus, of course, the feeling in the uterus are also present. It swells and increases in size due to a sharp increase circulation.

 These changes are quite noticeable, women suffer from bloating inside. The uterus may hurt and tingling, often present nagging pains. Other pain disorders in general, with the pregnancy can hurt almost anything, and this disgrace will continue throughout the childbearing. Very often, expectant mothers complain of backache and pain in the back and lower back, extending to the coccyx.

 Can hurt the feet, head, teeth. What can we say about chronic sores that emerge with the onset of pregnancy, like mushrooms after rain. Limbs may swell a little, the pressure is reduced, dizziness and fainting. Increased urination top of the whole picture you are starting to run to the toilet, including at night. So it will not always, but in the first trimeter similar symptoms - frequent. With the onset of pregnancy desires much more frequent, but normally not accompanied by "abnormal" symptoms: burning and sharp pains in the abdomen.

 If you feel pain on the background of frequent urination, it is likely that worsened urinary infection. Check with a doctor required! Basal Temperature And finally, something with which we started. By measuring the basal temperature, you are bound to define in terms of a pregnancy. If conception has occurred, the basal temperature of the luteal phase is held at high elevations and falls. About pregnancy with high probability we can say if the figures remain at 37,1-37,3 C for at least 18 consecutive days. A typical symptom of pregnancy is the so-called retraction of the implantation temperature: against the background of increased rates of BT, one day down, then back to recovery.

 With the onset of menstruation delay suspected pregnancy naturally amplified. Take a pregnancy test, repeat it a few days to ensure the reliability of the results. It should be noted that it is not necessary that you will see at one or more of these symptoms. It is possible that the symptoms in the first days of pregnancy specifically in your case will be different. Some women notice redness of the face (especially in the evening), others exacerbated thrush or hemorrhoids, and others experiencing bloating and suffer from constipation.

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pregnancy : What's happening

At 3 weeks of pregnancy from the egg and sperm develop a zygote, moving through the fallopian tubes and turning into a blastocyst. How to take place 4 weeks of pregnancy, and it is now waiting for the future mother, will be discussed in our material.

During pregnancy

What's going on this week of pregnancy

Future baby

How does the mother's life

Power Mom

Doctors' recommendations

Potential problems

Necessary tests

Useful tips

During pregnancy

4 weeks of pregnancy refers to her first trimester, which is a very important period, largely determines the health of the unborn baby.

At this time in the development of the fetus can affect everything - cleanliness and ecological environmental protection future mother, her mode of sleep and wakefulness, diet and many other factors.

Try to pay attention to your health and best protect themselves from exposure to germs, alcohol, tobacco, do not spend without approval from your doctor no medical examinations and do not take any medications without urgent need. At this early stage of pregnancy is undesirable fluctuations in blood pressure, fever, headache, disorders of the digestive system, and any other disease states.

Business Day "From Dusk Till Dawn", later gatherings on the Internet, snacking on the go than had meeting with his girlfriend in a stuffy bar or going to night disco - all this is better to forget during pregnancy, especially if you hope or even already assured that develops in you a new life.

Of course, the expectant mother can be psychologically difficult to get used to the idea and realize that it will have to change their attitude to many familiar things, carefully treat each of its action. However, in return you get an incomparable happiness - waiting for the birth of their baby.

4 weeks of pregnancy: What's happening

At 4 weeks of pregnancy, as, indeed, and after feeling the expectant mother is absolutely unique. Most women in this time still do not know about the pregnancy, and just waiting the start of the next menstruation. Therefore, these early pregnancy symptoms like swelling of the mammary glands, nausea, irritability and pulling sensation in the abdomen may be perceived as a harbinger of critical days.

4 weeks of pregnancy: future baby

During 4 weeks of pregnancy continues active development of the embryo, as well as start laying the internal organs and the nervous system of the baby, also continued to form the placenta.

4 weeks of pregnancy - a time when the baby's body is actively laid the beginnings of organs and systems of the future.

Thus it is now formed germ layers: the endoderm of the subsequently will form the internal organs of a child from the mesoderm forms the skeleton, connective tissue and blood, and the ectoderm will form the basis for the nervous system.

Also, there is a process formirovaniyaserdechnoy pulsating tube, which in the future will become a kid cardiovascular system, brain bubble formation 3, each of which turns into a certain brain structure begins laid respiratory system.

Continues active development of the placenta: chorionic villi grow into the depths of the endometrium is actively produced chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) - a hormone of pregnancy.

Developing yolk sac, a temporary body tissue which will perform hematopoietic, secretory, and immunoregulatory function of the exchange to the point when they start to operate the relevant organs of the fetus. The body is extremely important for the future of the baby, and if for some reason causes premature weakening of its functions when fetal organs such as the liver or spleen is still not formed, the pregnancy outcome can be unfavorable.

4 Weeks Pregnant

4 weeks BEREMENNOSTŠ†: how life changes MA

If 4 weeks of pregnancy you feel weakness, drowsiness, and from your usual vigor will be over - it is not necessary to deal with the body, drinking coffee out of habit or energy drinks. Allow yourself to rest: if possible take a day off at work, lie down, sleep, relax, this is what you now most needed.

NUTRITION FOR MOTHER 4 weeks of pregnancy

Since the inside of a pregnant woman is actively developing baby, and he was the size of a poppy seed, it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of vitamins and trace elements.

Forget about canned foods and carbonated drinks, fast foods do not visit, do not abuse the greasy, spicy and smoked food. Sausages and sausage, cakes and pastries, but if they are not "sharp demanding" your pregnant body, it is better not to buy, they do not have anything useful either for the mother or for the baby.

Organize yourself a healthy diet during pregnancy: eat more fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fish, lean meat. Be sure to observe drinking regime, drink enough water, juices, fruit drinks, fruit compotes.

Do not overeat, but also for diets now also not the time to try to treat yourself most carefully and wisely.

4 weeks of pregnancy: the doctor's recommendations

Week 4 beremennostiBosyak Yulia V., an obstetrician-gynecologist, a reproductive clinic human reproduction "Alternative" says: "At the end of 4 weeks, the embryo size 0.4-1 mm. As a grain of sand. This is a very important time, because the formation of the rudiments of the most important organs and embryonic membranes: the future of the placenta, which provides oxygen and nutrients, water shell, which protects the fetus from injury and the yolk sac that produces blood for the embryo (later transformed into the organs of excretion and respiration). Formed third embryonic leaf. If pregnancy achieved through assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), a woman takes two weeks of maintenance therapy with progesterone - a hormone that is produced in large quantities during pregnancy. 2 weeks after the transfer shall blood HCG program has been established and effective or not. "

Potential problems

4 weeks of pregnancy: an expectant mother may be ill and pull the abdomen, this is due to the fact that in this period, usually a woman should begin menses.

It menstrual process, which has already tweaked over the years, interfere with the pregnancy hormones violates women and increases the tone of the uterus, and at 4 weeks of pregnancy may appear spotting brownish discharge.

If the uterus of a pregnant woman is in good shape, it can cause miscarriage, so tolerate the feeling of tension and prolonged uterine pain in the abdomen and lower back can not. The reason for the tone of the uterus often becomes a lack of the hormone progesterone, or inflammatory processes in the body of the future mother.

Because of the possible danger of failing to 4 weeks of pregnancy is to treat yourself very carefully, if the discharge becomes intense and the pain does not stop, consult a doctor.

4 weeks of pregnancy: the necessary tests

Any necessary analyzes at week 4 of pregnancy yet, but if you can not wait to find out you are pregnant or not, you can take a blood test for hCG and progesterone.

At 4 weeks of pregnancy blood test for HCG is quite clearly gives a positive response, in the blood it has developed a sufficient amount. The result of the analysis of blood progesterone will also show elevated levels of this hormone, which may indicate the presence of pregnancy.

At 4 weeks of pregnancy, if desired, you can do an ultrasound, which can identify the corpus luteum of pregnancy - a temporary endocrine gland that is formed after ovulation and produces the hormone progesterone.

If fertilization has occurred, under the influence of the hormone human chorionic corpus luteum (now it is called the corpus luteum graviditatis) remains active for 10-12 weeks, producing necessary for the development and preservation of pregnancy, progesterone, which stimulates growth of the endometrium and prevents the release of new eggs and menstruation. Yellow body is maintained as long as the placenta is not in a position to produce their own estrogen and progesterone.

Although modern ultrasound machines in the state by 4 weeks of pregnancy to determine the fetus was already fixed on the wall of the uterus, such research at such an early period held in rare cases, because the woman may not yet know or just starting to think about a possible pregnancy.

4 weeks of pregnancy: TIPS

Although modern pregnancy tests are so sensitive that they can fix the pregnancy is already at 4 weeks, remember that it depends on the concentration of hCG in the urine, and is hoping for this indicator is not necessary. For a more precise answer is recommended to conduct a test in the fifth week of pregnancy, when the content of this hormone in the urine to reach the required level.

In this period, and even before, as well as in the process of preparing for pregnancy, doctors recommend taking folic acid. Folic acid is a vitamin B9, which is involved in the synthesis of many essential amino acids and nucleic acids necessary for the formation of healthy eggs in a woman's body moving and healthy sperm in the male body, the proper formation of the fetus, has a stimulating effect on the hematopoietic function of bone marrow expectant mother, has It is certainly a positive impact on the formation and development of the baby's nervous system, most of its organs and tissues.

Also, you can already start taking vitamins for pregnant women, which will be useful for the development of the child and the expectant mother, enhancing her body.

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Health during pregnancy

Health during pregnancy

While waiting for the birth of a baby, expectant mother watching their health, trying to eat right and keep yourself in good physical shape, collects information on child development and care. What else is necessary to pay attention to during pregnancy to a pipsqueak born healthy? It turns out, it is worth remembering about hygiene.

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We take care of oneself

Everyone knows that an expectant mother, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, reduced immunity. It is physiologically justified - because my mother's body creates the best conditions for the development of the fetus. However, the woman in this period becomes more vulnerable to various kinds of infections - both respiratory and cause gastrointestinal disease. Typically, these diseases do not harm the unborn child, but any discomfort during pregnancy is not desirable, especially if there is a need to take medication. How to protect yourself from infection?

World expert in the field of hygiene Dettol® pays special attention to infections transmitted through the hands. We tend to think that the flu and acute respiratory viral infections spread by droplet infection: Avoid contact with a cold, sneezing and coughing people use gauze bandage, try not to be in public places during the mass disorders. All of this is especially important during pregnancy. However, it is equally important to protect against respiratory infection ... to wash your hands!


Infectious agents are waiting for us not only in the air but also on surfaces which touches a large number of people. It handles in public places, handrails in public transport, furniture and counters in restaurants and stores. During pregnancy, the habit of washing hands with soap and water after any such contacts can do a good job. If soap and water are not available, you should use special products Dettol® - anti-bacterial hand gel and wipes. Gel Hand Dettol® ensures clean hands on 99.9% and has a pleasant aroma and antibacterial wipes Dettol® gently cleanse and moisturize the skin. Convenient packaging with one of these tools can always be with you.

Will antibacterial agents and the risk of catching an intestinal infection - not for nothing that these ailments are called "disease of dirty hands". During pregnancy, be especially careful to where and what you eat. Here are a few tips to help you avoid gastrointestinal diseases.

Drink only water tested;
Do not eat on the street, in kiosks of fast food;
Always check the shelf life of products and packaging integrity, especially in the hot season, the right of transporting and storing;
Eat only well-cooked meat, fish, seafood. (Effluent from the meat juice should be clear, the meat should not be pink inside.) Discard not undergone a complete heat treatment of animal products;
Avoid pasteurized (raw) milk and products made from it (some types of cheese, ice cream, yogurt), - they may contain bacteria listeria, which cause infectious disease. (Listeria differs from most other food bacteria so that it can multiply at low temperatures in a refrigerator.);
Cook hard-boiled eggs - raw or undercooked eggs may contain the bacteria salmonella, Salmonella pathogen. Be careful with the products and dishes that may contain raw eggs (mousse, ice cream, mayonnaise, other sauces).
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We think about the future baby

Unfortunately, there are some infections that can not only cause discomfort expectant mother, but also harm the fetus. Thus, protection against rubella, or varicella possible if vaccinated before pregnancy or to avoid contact with a carrier of the disease. But sometimes a carrier of dangerous infection to the fetus becomes a person and pet.

If you keep at home a cat during pregnancy, ask someone else to change the cat litter. The fact that the excrement of the animal can be contained protozoan parasites - Toxoplasma. They cause toxoplasmosis may adversely affect the development of the unborn baby.

If you have to maintain the purity of their own litter box, touch the tray and filler only disposable gloves, then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

If you have a home rodent (eg hamster or guinea pig), ask someone in the family to take care of them before birth. Pet rodents, such as hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs can transmit lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus, infection which is dangerous to the fetus.

Pet reptiles (lizards, snakes, iguanas, turtles, etc.) Can be carriers of salmonella contained in their feces, so they also pose a threat to the health of pregnant women and the unborn baby.

Always wear disposable gloves for the care of such animals and wash your hands after contact with them, if you can not delegate it to someone out of their home.

Washing hands will be more effective if you use one of the products Dettol®. Antibacterial liquid soap and bar soaps Dettol® remove 99.9% of bacteria, including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Antibacterial liquid soap Dettol® available in four versions, carefully cleans and dries the skin. Soap Dettol® original works as effectively and for those who prefer the traditional bar soaps.

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We maintain a healthy family

Preparing for the birth of a baby, it is worth thinking about what the habits of your family members are contrary to the rules of hygiene, and try to change them. After all, when the house will be a newborn, it's too late to teach a young dad wash their hands, coming from work, and my grandmother reminded to do so after the cut of meat. We hope your example, convincing explanation, as well as a new device for hand washing can help your loved ones to be reconstructed.


Indeed, the novelty of Dettol® - automatic sensor system "No Touch" for the antibacterial liquid soap - gaining more fans among children and adults. The system "No Touch" vacuum applied dosage, which prevents soap dripping after use, and through the transparent window can be monitored remaining amount of soap. Spare blocks with antibacterial liquid hand soap Dettol® presented four different flavors - original, with the scent of grapefruit, green tea and cucumber flavor. The system takes up very little space and makes washing your hands in a light and quick procedure.

This is especially important if your family is not expected birth of their first child and have older children. They also have to communicate with the baby, and maintain clean hands they have their own, without your reminders. With the system "No Touch" will do it easier and more fun!