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Morning sickness in late pregnancy: the facts

sickness in late pregnancy
It represents the moment when the unconfirmed women carry a critical moment requires many measures to ensure a safe load However, the normal body difference between the woman and the other makes the change in their lives uneven, has proven modern medicine that approximately 80-90% of women go through pregnancy without any risk experience and engage in natural lives a little taboo Therefore, the change in their lives do not differ significantly from that period that precedes pregnancy except for a few things concerning the safety of the fetus and the adaptation to progress months pregnant. Normal pregnancy affects many things related to the daily life of the pregnant woman pattern, including:


Ascertain that the pregnant mother waiting for a lot of moments that will lack the adequate and proper to sleep, especially after the birth of her baby and they do not expect to get enough sleep during pregnancy may become impossible. In fact the woman pregnant woman needs more sleep, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, with longer lasting feeling of fatigue resulting from the adaptation of the body to nourish and protect the embryo (forming the placenta, increasing the blood product in the body and increase the pulse of the heart muscle and hormonal changes) naturally not cause for concern. Later cause fetal growth in difficulty sleeping because of the inability to take appropriate sleep mode, where the habitual sleep on your back or stomach makes sleeping on a Jnbhe difficult as doctors recommend. Pregnant sleep also affected many of the physical symptoms, including:

The urge to frequent urination: at the beginning of pregnancy lead to increase blood flow to the pelvic area into a kind of tension in this region, including the bladder, causing frequent urge to urinate addition increases the pressure on the kidneys during pregnancy due to the increased amount of blood that requires Recommended and a rate increase by 30-50% compared to the period preceding the pregnancy, causing the production of larger quantities of urine, and the fetal growth and inflation uterine muscle increases the pressure on the urinary bladder and thus repeating the daytime and nocturnal urination, especially if fetal movement excessively during the night and in recent months .

Increase the speed of the pulse of the heart: the heart muscle is increasing pulse rate during pregnancy to pump more blood to the uterus, increasing the effort of the heart muscle to provide blood throughout the entire body.
Shortness of breath: the process of breathing are affected in the first months of pregnancy because of hormonal changes experienced by pregnant causing increasing need for deep breathing, giving a sense of the difficulty of getting enough air. However later pregnancy progresses find pregnant difficulty breathing due to enlarged uterus size upper and remove him down on the diaphragm which limits his movement a little bit and thus reduces lung capacity.
Spasm legs and back pain: cause excess weight during pregnancy pain in the legs and back as the body produces the hormone relaxin, which represents the female hormone secreted from the corpus luteum during pregnancy and is responsible for the relaxation of the pelvic links during childbirth and links public body which makes the carrier vulnerable to pain, especially in the back area. In addition, the veto calcium may cause convulsions, especially in the legs.
The disturbing dreams of the reasons that contribute to sleep disorders during pregnancy, where the pregnancy is rich dreams and disturbing period in some cases, especially in recent months due to fears of women from birth itself, concern controlled on fetal health and their ability to new duties as a mother.
The status of the right to sleep for pregnant women: doctors pregnant women in the initial stages is recommended for pregnancy to take the position appropriate sleep and that is sleeping on one side with the curvature of the knees which ensures getting used to this situation in the advanced stages of pregnancy and therefore this situation to ensure the heart muscle to make less effort as a result of lack of effect of weight the fetus and the pressure on the largest vein (inferior vena cava) that carries blood back to the heart of the feet and legs. Would prefer to get used to sleeping on a pregnant its left side in order to avoid pressure on the uterus actually the liver on the right side of the abdomen as Tthassan this situation circulatory flying heart and therefore best suited to ensure blood flow to the fetus, uterus and kidneys.
Represents a change in the status of sleep and non-controlled considered normal during sleep so the take supine position on the back is not cause for concern in the early months of pregnancy, but in the last trimester of pregnancy is difficult for the body to take this situation to the weight of the uterus weight, and in the event that the pressure wrought uterus on the inferior vena cava mother awakens automatically as a result of a sense of suffocation.

 And it advised doctors usually use pillows as a means to discover the status of the appropriate sleep where resort some pregnant women to put a pillow under the abdomen or the area between the legs to create more comfort during sleep, either use a pillow or blanket wrapped at the narrow part of the back contributes to relieve the pressure affecting the. Tips that you should follow to sleep healthy and sound: Despite the need for pregnant urgent deep sleep during pregnancy that it is not recommended to take any of the drugs sold without a prescription, including herbal remedies that help to sleep period, it can be replaced by following these instructions:

Avoid stimulants Kalmhrobat that contain caffeine Kalsoda, coffee and tea, but I do not mind taken up in the morning or early in the evening.
Avoid drinking large amounts of fluids or eating full meals a few hours of sleep before with the need to preserve the acquisition of the necessary calories during the day. It recommended by focusing on half-board breakfast, lunch and eat less at dinner with commitment crackers before going to sleep to alleviate morning sickness.
Avoid strenuous exercise that precedes bedtime and replace it lends including Kalangmar relax in a warm water bath, drink warm, caffeine-free, such as milk and honey or herbal teas liquids.
In case of repeated cramps legs that stimulate pregnant during her sleep, advises pressing her feet on the wall or rely on its own feet and make sure addressed enough amounts of calcium which reduces those convulsions.
Yoga is advised sticking quotas and other relaxation techniques, after consulting a doctor before starting any supervisor of them or any commitment Nclt related fitness.
If the state of anxiety and fear, causing insomnia and difficulty sleeping is recommended to register in courses related to childbirth and motherhood, which contributes to the expansion of knowledge of pregnant and meet those requirements with other pregnant women in the understanding of the nature of pregnancy and how to behave during childbirth, which helps to alleviate the concern that Aargaha night.

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Genital herpes in pregnancy

Genital herpes in pregnancy
Work represents one of the important aspects that are affected during pregnancy, but pregnant women enjoy good health and download a sound position to complete its work (provided to ensure a healthy work environment) to the day of birth. With the attainment of the final stages of pregnancy feel increasingly pregnant tired with do the simplest effort therefore advises the start of maternity leave at a time prior to the date due to the birth of a week or more and take this opportunity to rest, to prepare for the birth of the baby and pamper themselves for being the final moments in which free themselves live.

Women to take pregnancy amendments to the arduous nature of their work such as raising weightlifting and work long and intense hours may be required in order to avoid premature birth, the baby is born weighing less than normal and finally high blood pressure during childbirth. It must take pregnant right decision about their ability to absorb the work and continue to do in the event of its nature inappropriate for a pregnant woman or move to another job with physical exertion less, or may resort pregnant to replace its tasks in the work to become more comfortable desktop such as working instead work that requires movement and stand for long periods, either in the event of stubborn after the agreement with the employer Doctors women recommends pregnant take hours to leave or sick leave to get rid of the case of fatigue caused by work and thus reduce the arduous working hours, especially in the late second trimester of pregnancy. As for work in hazardous and toxic materials and heavy such as, metals environment (lead, mercury), organic solvents, biological and radioactive factors increases the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, birth defects and structural disruption of fetal development if the mother suffered during pregnancy or in the period that preceded.

There are several complications of pregnancy that are imposed on the carrier to stop its work, including:
- Increase the likelihood of premature birth especially in cases of pregnancy with twins or more.

- High blood pressure during pregnancy and high risk of pre-eclampsia.

- Cervical insufficiency or a history of abortion in advanced stages of pregnancy.

- Non-fetal growth properly.

Getting many questions from pregnant women about how to control the symptoms of morning sickness associated with pregnancy where they appear in approximately 70% of pregnant women. Pregnant advises the news director or administrator in the news of her pregnancy if the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, severe and early clever ploy so as not to be seen as not in good health suit their working conditions. Before it supposed to tell him many important things to complete the work to the fullest at this critical time Kaoqat always flexible and work to identify, either of those questions related to the steps followed to ensure feeling comfortable while you work mainly includes the following:
- Taking a little rest, especially if the nature of the work depends on the stand for long periods it is advisable to lift the feet and the movement due to the influence of muscle movement to push fluid from the feet and legs toward the heart for recycling, either if the nature of the work depends on the sit is recommended to stand and movement between then and the other, which reduces the possibility of swelling of feet and ankles, taking into account the practice of stretching exercises to keep your back healthy.

- Wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing therefore advised to wear clothes and socks for pregnant women, which reduces the risk of bulging veins and varicose veins form.

- Drink sufficient amounts of water and getting used to keep a large glass of water close to the rack and re-fill it on an ongoing basis is also recommended to avoid urinary retention and go to the toilet when needed.

- Taking a break to eat snacks regularly and healthy, which reduces the chance of low blood pressure and alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness. Prefer to choose the carrier in times of work rich in fiber diet to reduce the incidence of constipated.

- Reduce the level of stress and if this is not possible in working hours is recommended to find different ways to control it Ktmarin stretch, practice yoga and Tmarat deep breathing or walking. - Take a break whenever had the opportunity to do so, as the nature of hard work requiring require reduction of physical activity outside of work. - Increases the likelihood of infection in pregnant syndrome carpal tunnel (the disorder, which affects those whose work requires repetition hands movement Kmadkhali data and computer programmers causing Bkhaddran, tingling, pain, burning sensation in both of the fingers, hands and wrist, and sometimes toward the top of the affect on the shoulders. Affect symptoms in one or both hands and begin after the passage of the second half of pregnancy) It is therefore recommended to avoid tasks that require repetition of the movement of the hands. - Reduction of overtime hours as much as possible and replace snapped sufficient comfort.

It asks a lot of pregnant women, especially in the first pregnancy for the points that are supposed to discuss with colleagues at work, especially if their work in an environment where mothers exist for young children and pregnant women and others these points:

- Offers submitted by the employer with respect to maternity leave.

- The type of response shown by the employer and colleagues immediately after the announcement of the start of pregnancy.

- How to maintain the appearance and productivity, especially in the last months of pregnancy.

- How to control the absent-mindedness in control of the carrier.

- Approach to create a balance between work and family.

Employers and managers differ in the extent of their understanding of the conditions pregnant employee While some of them resort to take measures that would make it more affordable pregnant tasks others dealing bluntly with pregnant and disclose Djarham of symptoms Alhmiloamadaafath impact on workflow. In the case of a pregnant woman can not complete its tasks, as in the time before pregnancy, the employer must deal with it as a case of temporary disability. Usually it recommended the need to take the appropriate decision with regard to continue to work and take into account family circumstances and the health of the fetus.

Despite the differing interests of women fashion lines, but the pregnant woman is keen to maintain the standards of beauty during her pregnancy and on what is visible to the outside world as poetry, face and feet. It occurs to pregnant many changes, which include hair and skin, but it is recommended not to neglect the woman herself despite the fatigue and fatigue that accompany pregnancy and hormonal changes as well as weight gain.

Pregnancy has a direct impact on increasing the growth of hair and nails rate as density and gloss hair grow due to increased estrogen On the other hand, some women may notice dry hair, fragility and hair loss excessive It is therefore recommended not to wait until the moment of birth to restore hair health, but is supposed to use the right conditioner throughout pregnancy to maintain it.

 With respect to Besbag hair doctors are advised to avoid it during pregnancy to reduce the side effects of their use Kalthss or damage to the fetus although not scientifically proven impact, but it is recommended to avoid it in the first trimester of pregnancy for being the most critical. Supposed to hormonal change on the lives of pregnant does not affect also affect the hair and advises as much as possible to deal with the current situation to be back to normal hormonal Atzanha as in the pre-pregnancy.

Those common words were not among the ancestors Akaveba about increasing the charm and beauty of a pregnant woman, but the hormonal changes may cause some of the other many skin problems as love young people, bumps, rashes and skin color change. It prohibits the use of any of the pregnant cosmetic or medical materials that were used previously to maintain the freshness of her skin in order to prove their impact on the safety of the fetus. There are several skin problems associated with pregnancy, including: -

 The appearance of acne facilities for pregnancy is normal in spite of his absence for many years before pregnancy and the spread of this predominantly grain around the mouth and chin, therefore doctors recommend the need for follow-up of pregnant condition to avoid continued until the birth and in some cases beyond birth.

It is supposed to exercise caution pregnant of medical drugs used to treat acne because of the impact the health of the fetus, such as those composed of salicylic acid and Alritinoad also advised not to take oral antibiotics.

Represents costs a skin problems frustrating during pregnancy where linked to hormonal changes and excessive exposure to the sun, especially when women with skin and dark hair dark but may also appear when pregnant light-skinned, especially in the jolt area (butterfly-shaped) and the line connecting between the navel and pubic area (what called Linea Negra) and around the nipple and between the thighs.

Despite the lack of appropriate treatment for problems of skin pigmentation, but it is advisable to stay away from the sun and use protective of them Almthsthoudrat, either for therapeutic purposes it is recommended using formulations containing vitamin C, which in turn works to hide pigmentation and naturally In the absence of the demise of the costs after Born doctors resort to the use of chemical peels topical.

Skin rash:
Cause itching excessive for the abdomen during pregnancy, resulting from skin stretch and change the hormonal rash skin deep and types deployed (papules itchy and Urticarial) that begins to appear in the last trimester of pregnancy around the belly button and spread to other areas such as the thighs, buttocks and breasts. This is not the style of the rash disappears as a threat with the birth in the absence of the possibility of itching associated with it are advised to dip a piece of cloth in the milk and put it on the affected place or put a handful of oatmeal bath of hot water.

If the rash is full of water is recommended direct contact with the doctor to the possibility of injuring a pregnant reaction autoimmune Kfiqaan gestational (autoimmune skin disease that affects pregnant women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy) and Herbs pregnancy which is an unfortunate term because it is not linked to a virus herpes, but it may cause premature birth as affect the health of the fetus, which requires immediate treatment.

Advises pregnant women who suffer from excessive itching and spread throughout the body by using skin moisturizers and despite the simplicity of it is to inform the doctor advises cases of itching due to association with one of the liver associated with pregnancy known recession and causing biliary disorders went into labor early and embryonic disorders.

Cutaneous signs of expansion:
Most doctors believe that those lines that take several colors (red, blue, purple and brown), which divides the genetic abdominal area and by high which makes the impact of cosmetic drugs that limit the appearance non-existent It is therefore recommended using laser techniques to remove these signs after birth. As for the preparations preferably used during pregnancy to avoid the occurrence of these signs are presumed to be composed of green tea and glycolic acid.

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Is an eclipse harmful during pregnancy

during pregnancy
It represents the moment when the unconfirmed women carry a critical moment requires many measures to ensure a safe load However, the normal body difference between the woman and the other makes the change in their lives uneven, has proven modern medicine that approximately 80-90% of women go through pregnancy without any risk experience and engage in natural lives a little taboo Therefore, the change in their lives do not differ significantly from that period that precedes pregnancy except for a few things concerning the safety of the fetus and the adaptation to progress months pregnant. Normal pregnancy affects many things related to the daily life of the pregnant woman pattern, including:

Sexual contact

Sex normally practiced by many of the women with normal pregnancy and non-accompanied by complications or risks that labor begins. It raises many questions about sexual intercourse during pregnancy, including:

Is sex safe during pregnancy?
It is widely believed wrong with a lot of women that the exercise of a pregnant sex puts the lives of her unborn child at risk but represents both from the bag Alameona surrounding the fetus and muscles strong uterus bulwark protects the fetus also contribute to the mucous plug that sealed the cervix to protect the fetus from infections that are likely to move from sexual penis . Although the height of the sexual cause irritability Banaqbad average in the womb, but it is harmless and temporary. There are several cases where sex is prohibited in a specific period of pregnancy or during the months of pregnancy including placenta previa towards the bottom of the cervix (Alandgam defective in the placenta), the emergence of symptoms of early labor (even in the event of a break), vaginal secretions abnormal, vaginal bleeding unexplained , abdominal cramps, cervical insufficiency, the expansion of the cervix, premature birth in a previous pregnancy, rupture of the membrane surrounding the fetus and the loss of fluid Alameona, wounding the husband prior sexually transmitted disease herpes infection and oral Balheirbs limiting the practice of oral sex. Usually it recommended to keep the doctor supervisor informed and aware of whether the pregnant woman suffers from any of the symptoms that follow extreme sex such as pain or severe vaginal secretions associated with it.

Is the nature of the sexual relationship vary during pregnancy?
Many women find pregnant difference in sex during pregnancy, where they find more fun Others Vigda less fun compared to the period preceding the pregnancy, due to the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and have a direct impact on the exercise of the sexual relationship and these changes increase blood flow to the pelvic area, which causes sore genitals in women and increase their sensitivity, which contributes to increased sexual pleasure, and the hyper-vaginal secretions Otinaalmxh marital adds to what already more fun. On the other hand, you may find some of the women in the congestion of the genitals is also increasingly troublesome sense of some abdominal cramps and painful uterine contractions during or after sexual contact directly.

In the first trimester of pregnancy increases tingling breasts and hyper Hsasihma to touch some of the women in this matter and find something interesting for sexual pleasure while longer painful for others prefer not to touch the breast area just touching. Doctors recommend the importance of openness between the couple about any of the behaviors that he used them both and cause pain for women, especially in periods of sensitive pregnancy, also it is advised to resort to whatever is steamy and aphrodisiac as an exchange fun, oral sex and self-excitement and that in the event of a sense of excitement without the fun sexual contact.

Is it normal that a pregnant lacks sexual desire during pregnancy?
There are several personal experiences related to the desire of sexual pregnant While some women possess sexual arousal excessive during pregnancy many women lack of this desire on the other hand, some women find that their desire sexual volatile somewhat, depending on the physical condition (physical) and emotional volatile also, where common feeling tired, volatility Aalm'zaj toward sex and nausea associated with its exercise, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy but soon regain her sexual desire pregnant with the start of the second trimester of pregnancy and symptoms of the erosion of public fatigue and morning sickness.

Re not pregnant feeling of sexual desire in the waning months of pregnancy due to the weight of the weight and feeling tired for the exercise of the sexual relationship and achieve pleasure and preoccupation with the approaching date of labor and delivery also controls the pregnant sense of psychological awareness of the change in her body due to pregnancy. Recommends psychologists need to swap pregnant to her feelings with her husband in the event of sexually Tadhiralleha accepted to ensure that the proper communication between spouses and thus support both of them to the other to the fullest adapted to the conditions faced by both.

Is no change in the sexual desire of the husband during his wife's pregnancy?
It attracts most couples (prospective parents) the bodies of their pregnant wives where they find more exciting than before, but there are many reasons that inhibit sexual desire of the husband to his wife during pregnancy Kqlgah burdens of fatherhood awaited addition to the reluctance stems from his fear of harming the fetus during the exercise of the sexual relationship Therefore it advises pregnant allowed her husband to the doctor supervisor to reassure him, including the safety of sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

It recommended the exchange of talk about all that Iqlgahma and increases fears the couple in addition to the different needs and desires, which reduces the tension experienced by both of them and create more intimacy even in cases where this is not sexual contact between them.

Is oral sex safe during pregnancy?
No proof of any medical objection to the practice of oral sex with a pregnant woman, but it must take into account not blowing or pushing air inside the genital area of ​​women to avoid air embolism (air bubbles enter the blood circulation) that threatens the life of the mother or her unborn child. Doctors also recommend avoiding the exchange of oral sex with a pregnant woman injured in the event of the current pair of oral herpes virus, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy.

If you do not make sure of the status of women's health pair wounds related to the previous or current with HIV recommend the use of membrane insulator between the genital area of ​​women and mouth pair due to the availability of modern medical evidence of the possibility of transmission of the virus through oral erosions small or micro wounds.

What is the status of appropriate sexual contact during pregnancy?
There is no agreement on the status of certain sexual contact for a pregnant woman, but left the option for the couple to choose the right and comfortable for the wife precisely position due to the large size of the abdomen with pregnancy progresses. For example, it becomes a situation known limit their proselytizing (pair rises wife) difficult or impossible, especially in the last months of pregnancy, but in the case of getting used to this situation after the first third passage of pregnancy is recommended to put a pillow under the back, causing Banhrafh and reduce the pressure it at the same time the pair is recommended carry the weight away from the abdominal area. Some couples find in pregnancy opportunity to experience many of the new positions for the exercise of the sexual relationship, including:

A woman riding her husband reclining on his back and thus avoid touching any weight on her stomach and control degree of penetration of the penis.

- Lie down side by side so that the women went back to the face of her husband and the exercise of the sexual relationship from the back, and this situation is troublesome because of the difficulty some deep payment, especially with the progress of months of pregnancy where the penetration of the penis superficial.

- Woman lying on her side (face-to-face with her husband) and assign its back on a pillow and in this situation to ensure women keep her husband away from her belly weight.

- Basing woman on her knees and elbows and knees pair and practice sexual relationship from behind.

Any signs or symptoms requiring supervisor contact your doctor?
It is natural that women feel abdominal cramps during and after exercise or sexual relationship reach orgasm, but it continues for more than minutes or occurrence of vaginal bleeding requires immediate access to a doctor.

It recommended not to hesitate to resort to the doctor in case there is any question related to the exercise of the sexual relationship, especially in the case of the control of a state of fear about the safety of the fetus. If the doctor recommended to abstain from sex couples should understand whether the sexual contact itself prohibited or peaking nationality, or both.