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During pregnancy

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, the obstetrician-gynecologist necessarily directs pregnancy on ultrasonography (US). And it has done it three times: at the end of each trimester. At each stage, the doctors get their, invaluable important information about the status of the fetus.

There have been many clinical studies showing that ultrasound during pregnancy is perfectly safe. It is solely for the study of fetal development and no harm it causes no.

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The first ultrasound: 10-14 weeks

All expectant mothers prescribed ultrasound at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy at time of 10-14 weeks. Already at this point, you can determine whether there are any serious fetal abnormality. In this period the doctor measures the distance from the coccyx to the crown of the embryo (this figure is called CTE), studying the anatomy of the fetus. According to this indicator can be seen as the fruit of a fully developed and whether its size norm.

Uzi during pregnancy: in what period and why

It is also estimated nuchal (TVP). With this indicator, you can see whether the fetus chromosomal abnormalities. If more than 2.7 mm TVP may suspect chromosomal abnormalities. First of all - the probability of Down syndrome in the fetus. If the doctor suspected threat, and still have to pass a blood test to clarify the future health of the baby.

By 12-14 weeks of time to develop almost all the organs of the fetus. Therefore, we can see the most obvious birth defects of the brain, the heart, the presence of unwanted formations. In case of severe pathologies it is not too late to terminate the pregnancy for medical reasons.

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A second US: 20-24 weeks

Boy or girl
In theory, sex of the fetus can be determined starting from the 12th week of pregnancy. However, it is best seen on the 16-20 week. By this time, the fetus genitals significantly increase in size and easier to see. So ask the question of sex determination of the child is during the second ultrasound. However, an absolute guarantee you will not be. Pose the child may simply not to allow the doctor to see his floor.
The second ultrasound doctor measures the abdominal circumference, femur length, interparietal size of the fetal head. On the basis of these indicators can be judged whether the lag in the development of the future baby. In addition, the ultrasound specialist assesses such factors as blood flow in the vessels of the placenta, its location, level of maturity structure. This is very important because premature detachment of the placenta is very dangerous, and may be the reason for hospitalization. A thickening of the placenta is often a sign of infection, diabetes and other diseases that can harm the fetus.

The study of amniotic fluid may provide additional information about the development of the fetal kidney. Polyhydramnios may indicate Rh-conflict or any infection. In both cases, you need special therapy and supervision by a doctor. Exploring the umbilical cord, the doctor looks, whether its entanglement. However, at this stage it is not so important as in the subsequent examination.

A study of cervical clarifies whether cervical incompetence. This pathology, in which the cervix begins to open before 37 weeks, which can lead to preterm labor.

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Third US: 32-34 weeks

By this time the fetus is usually time to take a final position inside the uterus and pelvic stay or head end "to the exit." Therefore, an obstetrician-gynecologist will be able to decide in advance how to birth. With the ultrasonic device can determine the approximate weight of the fruit, its size, calculate the approximate delivery date.

Uzi during pregnancy: in what period and why

Also, evaluate the position of the placenta, as a 32-34 week it has migration ends. Normally, the placenta is attached at the top of the uterus, away from the neck. But sometimes, for various reasons it is shifted down to the cervix and overlaps it. This so-called placenta previa, which entails a caesarean section - because the placenta is blocking the baby out of the uterus.

Furthermore, the degree of ripeness is evaluated placenta. If it matures early, it is imperative to give birth on time or a little earlier. Perenashivanie in this case leads to the risk of hypoxia in the fetus. During this period, an expert inspects the back for an ultrasound apparatus for the presence of umbilical cord entanglement. It is important for doctors who will accept delivery.

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18 Perks of Having a Pregnant Belly

Pregnant Belly

Women taking the pill containing the hormones of pregnancy, remains one of the thorny medical issues that are still under discussion and scientific research for more than fifty years. The new study, researchers at the University of "Aberdeen" in the United Kingdom, rightly, one of the largest and broadest scientific studies that have been made about the medium and long-term effects of eating women hormonal pills to prevent pregnancy.

Surprisingly, in reaching its findings it is contrary to what the majority of the common negative beliefs around. So they found that women who taking ginkgo to have unexpected opportunities to live a longer period of time than women who are not taking ginkgo, and Mstkhaddmadtha less likely to die of heart disease and diseases of cancer, compared to those who do not also taking ginkgo.
Indeed, there is a long history of give and take and events, objections and successes on the scientific, medical and social level, since just the start of medical researchers thinking about the way drug to prevent the likelihood of getting pregnant in the beginning of the last century, and until we arrived to the emergence and spread availability of different types of these pills for consumers today in every around the world.
He needs to show the understanding and awareness of aspects related to sequentially historic appearance and spread, and components, and how they work, and future impacts, and reasons for doubts about addressed safety, and controls described and consumption, and other aspects that do not need to know only married women, but the general women and men.

Reassuring study

And the study of doctors from the University of "Aberdeen" in Scotland in the United Kingdom, and the Department of Science reproduction of human beings of the British Council for Research, was reassuring in its results for the whole of millions of users of the pill, and their husbands. What is important in this, it is not a direct relationship between the intake of these pills and the risk of premature death, compared with those not taking ginkgo.
Said Dr. Richard Anderson, a member of the British Research Council that «the results of this study are reassuring galore, which explicitly assumes that the long-term health benefits to be addressed overcome any potential risks due to use».
According to what was published in the British medical journal BMJ, the researchers under the supervision of Dr. Philip Hannaford, follow-up 46 thousand women for 40 years. Specifically since the study began in 1968, after only about six years from the start of the spread of eating cereal in the world. And they concluded that intakes pill to lower risk of death as a result of heart disease, cancer and other causes, compared to those not taking ginkgo at all throughout their lives.
In particular, it affects these results reassuring those women who ate in the previous primary types of pills. It is known that pills containing hormones gone through several stages in production. And often it feared in the medical community that species that were available in the period of the sixties and seventies, and that they contain the highest amounts of female hormones, probably left long-term damage to Mstkhaddmadtha, compared with the newer and less species in the content of female hormones.
So he commented Dr. Hannaford saying that a lot of women, especially of ate for several years that the first generations of hormonal birth control pills, can Tmonthn the results of this study.
Although the study noted that taking the pill is still a risk to smokers, and who at the age of less than forty-fifth session, the researchers said the effects on young women disappear after ten years, and that the benefits taken up by older women outweigh the disadvantages or risks.

Other therapeutic benefit

The American Medical College of Obstetrics and ACOG, issued in January (January) last «Practice Bulletin» about new areas to take advantage of the pill, in areas other than work to prevent pregnancy. She pointed out that in addition to preventing pregnancy, the hormonal grains such useful in the treatment of cases related to the monthly menstrual cycle, such as severe pain associated with menstruation, heavy bleeding and menstrual disorders.
The bulletin added that: birth control pills contain hormones progesterone and estrogen, progesterone estrogen, and are linked to lower risk of endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer and colon cancer. Other potential benefits to be addressed is to prevent migraine headaches (sister) migraine that comes with the start of menstruation. As well as in the treatment of pelvic pain caused by the disease «endometrial migratory» endometriosis. And treatment, too, the severity of menstrual bleeding associated with cases of Tlevat uterus uterine fibroids.
Said Dr. Robert Reid, head of the scientific team that developed the bulletin: «doctors knew several years ago that the pill have health benefits beyond the ability to prevent pregnancy only. The new guidelines contained in the Prospectus carefully the scientific evidence supporting the use of contraceptive pills examined in various therapeutic cases, unrelated to the achievement of contraception. »
He added that the pills hormonal contraceptives that contain a variety of hormones, effective in restoring balance to the unrest plaguing the regularity of the menstrual cycle times, and in cases of disorders that appear on the women before the start of menstruation. In mitigate the appearance of acne, and prevent menstruation women during the days that do not want women to get them, such as travel or vacation days or wedding or honeymoon.

Grain and injuries of cancer

And as indicated by the modern scientific literature of the American compound for cancer, the causes of medical concerns about the prospects of a relationship pill diseases of cancer, due to that there are types of direct relevance to cancer injuries, in appearance and growth and spread, by hormones in the body. This applies to women and to men. It also prostate cancer in men was linked to male hormones, the breast cancers of the uterus and ovaries and her relationship is the other female hormone.
But just put «prospect» and a «relationship», negative or positive, does not necessarily mean a relationship «cause and effect» between taking the pill and cancer diseases among women. This is what has been scientifically proven over the past years. There is therefore the details are worth the offer when it comes to taking those pills and morbidity of cancer, especially since the attitude of some people is the direct ratification and automatic for any little negatives are common, do not listen to any explanation or denial issued by a neutral and non-profit medical scientific bodies originally from behind the spread of eating those Grain hormonal.
Researchers at the American Society of Cancer, says: «for breast cancer, it is known that the risk of breast cancer depends on several factors. One is the natural female hormones in a woman's body. Therefore injuries peek breast cancer in women who have reached the age of 12 years before, or have reached menopause arrears, after the age of 55 years, pregnant or rising for the first time after reaching the age of thirty, or who did not become pregnant at all ».
She argued that the scientific studies that have examined the relationship pills to breast cancer risk, the results were mixed. Including studies found a slight increase in the incidence of breast cancer, and is the highest of Eptdin addressed in their twenties, or taking ginkgo Be in the past five years. But this risk to fade after you stop taking them ten years. And from other studies confirmed the findings in the absence of a relationship between the two absolutely. So Assembly does not adopt any definitive opinion in the medical advice for the prevention of breast cancer.
For ovarian cancer or endometrial cancer, there is absolutely no disagreement between the results of scientific studies that have confirmed the usefulness of taking the pill in reducing injuries of both cancers. This confirms adopted the American Society of Oncology.
The relationship of cervical cancer eating pills are indirect relationship. American Society of cancer indicates that the «human papilloma viruses» human papilloma virus is the direct cause. Which it is found viruses in 99% of those cases of cervical cancer. Therefore, the relationship pills are in cause taken up by women in some societies of the world in freedom of sexual relationship practices, and therefore increased the likelihood of picking up an infection of these viruses.
And the relationship of those grains of liver cancer, is weak and the other is a direct relationship. The scientific reviews of the American Cancer complex noticed low gravity to address those grains on the white women in particular liver cancer injuries. The women of African or Asian assets do not have to go up the possibilities.

Grain and heart disease

Weight gain, high cholesterol and mild high blood pressure, are three factors related to high risk of cardiovascular disease. And taking the pill does not usually lead to a disturbance in these three factors, and therefore not classified peek taking the pill as one of the risk factors of cardiovascular disease. However, it needs to be clarified.
He says doctors from the US in May Clinic in modern their bulletins: «Many women believe that taking birth control pills lead to weight gain. But medical studies have shown that they are not. And it may cause those grains to increase the amount of water in the body, giving a feeling of fullness breasts and buttocks ».
Needs and their impact on the proportion of cholesterol the body to be clarified. According to these doctors they say, raises estrogen heavy proportion of HDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and any useful in purification of the arteries of cholesterol deposits light harmful LDL. This hormone is also useful in lowering LDL cholesterol light. While hormone Broujestrun leads in turn to reverse these effects. In total, the taking the pill on cholesterol is not important and does not affect the overall health of the women in this side effects.
The effect on blood pressure setting calls for attention. So it may cause a rise in blood pressure, which requires standard procedures periodically if used. And those with high blood pressure in the asset, they use a means of contraception is hormonal address those grains. If the woman decided to use it in spite of that they should monitor the amount of pressure and set up periodic revision to the doctor. If the cause taken up by a rise in pressure or the inability to adjust the height, for women to stop taking them.
The important point is to avoid eating any grains that farewell was by women over the age of 35 years and they smokers, because that raises the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. And if the woman was the wish to address them they should stop smoking immediately.
Therefore, beware of those eating the grain is in the cases of women with asset factors raise the risk of artery disease, such as high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and smoking pressure.

Pill menstrual cycle

More of the things that are of concern to women when ingested pills is their effects on the menstrual cycle. And asset re-birth control programming menstrual cycle to become regular pregnancy lasts 28 days.
In the first 21 days it is taking pills containing female hormones, during which gradually made up a layer of living tissue in the lining of the uterus. In the other seven days it is eating pills do not contain any hormones.
Because during these seven days are not eating hormones, the layer formed in the lining of the uterus during the previous period, which begins Baltsaqt, which appears in the form of menstrual blood out. Any similar to what usually happens in the sequence of events and the full regular menstrual cycle.
On the other hand, there are types of birth control pills that do not get addressed through any exit menstrual blood, any pills to prevent pregnancy and prevent menstruation. The pills are called extended - cycle lengthy cycle. And all the pills contain hormones days monthly session. Any of those seven grain free of hormones do not exist. There are several types of pills available menstruation and pregnancy. Some of which can be taken regularly, daily, for 12 months, and in continuous. Some of which is taken every day for three months, then be dealt with pills free of hormones for seven days, so that gets menstrual cycles during which empties lining of the uterus from the layer formed by the hormones during the past three months.
It is possible for women prevent menstruation even when used in normal types of pills, any other than those which are used to prevent menstruation and pregnancy. So that a new start eating cereal box immediately after the completion of the pills 21 days prior to tray. Without taking up any of the remaining seven days of the menstrual cycle pills and devoid of hormones. And this prevents women themselves for fluctuations in the rates of hormones in the body, thus preventing get headaches, pelvic pain and exit of menstrual blood and other symptoms nagging her.
But this is possible, provided that the quality of contraceptive pills be only is the quality of the «single-phase» monophasic pill containing the same amount of hormones in the pill every pharmaceutical and throughout the first 21 days of the menstrual cycle. To illustrate, there are two Professionals of pills, each type «single phase» Advanced explain installed, and there is a kind called «three-phase» triphasic pill that is hormone content in the grain first week is different from the second, and the second is different from the third, and the third differs from the week IV. And therefore not recommended to use the type of contraceptive pills «three-phase» to prevent menstruation.
Indeed, there are several conditions that women have the desire to prevent menstruation, such as travel or wedding or other. Here it is possible to do so for a period not exceeding three consecutive months. And then the opportunity to exit the menstrual blood given for seven days, across the grain of the hormone-free eating, or simply by not eating any cereal box of medicines to prevent pregnancy.

Multiple mechanisms of contraceptives

For several reasons, couples agree on the desire to prevent getting pregnant. And start thinking and doing medical consultancy on the best way to prevent pregnancy and most powerful influential and most appropriate health status of wives.
There are several ways available to prevent pregnancy. Namely:
Booking Chapter Barrier methods and ways. The goal is to prevent the arrival of sperm to the egg. Examples include condoms male condom, the female condom female condom, diaphragm slave diaphragm, cervical cap and the cervical cap, cosmetics and kill sperm spermicide.
Hormonal methods Hormonal methods. Intended to prevent the production of a woman's body of the egg, or make the cervix does not allow Bulog sperm through to the uterus. It means all of which contain hormones, and are inserted into the body through several outlets. Examples include different types of birth control pills, vaginal ring and vaginal ring, and the contraceptive patch contraceptive patch, contraceptive injection and contraceptive injection, a small piece Kalqdab planted under the skin of the upper arm for women contraceptive rod implant.
Ways IUD implanted in the uterus. The goal bring about changes in the ability of the lining of the uterus to receive a fertilized egg. And some of it contain metal copper or gold, or the amount of hormones.
Optional methods of sterilization, such as tying the fallopian tubes in women, or vasectomy in men.
Ways normal regulation of pregnancy, such as the adoption of the method of calculation of the number of days after the end of the monthly menstrual cycle, or the daily tracking of body temperature, or ejaculation outside the vagina.
Prevention of pregnancy urgent emergency contraception method, any intake of hormones to prevent pregnancy get in the morning the night of sexual practice without following way to prevent pregnancy or the so-called morning - after pill.

.. Pregnancy and birth control pills

Note on women that they need to about two weeks of Bdoagafha about taking the pill, in order to begin the process of egg production in the ovaries to obtain. In the post-menstrual often gets 4 to 6 weeks after you stop taking the pill. They should remember that during that period it is possible to get pregnant.
According to medical sources on the health of pregnancy and childbirth preference to delay pregnancy a few months after dropping out of taking the pill, and then only to facilitate the start of pregnancy account, and thus set a date of birth. There is no other reason. In the sense that women carry in the first cycle after you stop taking the pill does not mean there is risk to the fetus or the health of women above what is normally expected during any pregnancy. Specifically the likelihood of abortion remain in the range of 15% just like any another pregnancy.
Menstruation may be delayed in some women after you stop taking the pill. And possibly up to three months duration. Here the women perform a pregnancy test, because it may be as well. If menstruation was delayed for six months, they should see a doctor.
It is worth mentioning that taking women to the pill does not mean 100% that they may not carry, but only 99%. And then, a home pregnancy test is not affected by, any examination of the urine, or which is being in the hospital, either urine or blood, to continue taking the pill. The reason that pregnancy analysis is made and there is not a hormone produced in the body, except in the case of a pregnancy. There is no need to panic or concern for the health of the fetus, if carried the woman dealing with a pill. The only required to do is stop taking the pill and see a doctor. So that in spite of the large number of get this, do not mention medical sources definite information about this error has caused unintended damage to the fetus. However this must be careful to prevent any likelihood albeit narrowly.
For a course of antibiotics if taking the pill, there is a real likelihood of the failure of contraception. And with certainty when dealing with drug «Ravambisn» User usually on a limited scale. Any cases of tuberculosis in the treatment of tuberculosis, or what is known as »Tuberculosis». Other types of antibiotics, the chances are slim and theory to cause taken up with the pill in preventing pregnancy failure. There is no truth in medical studies to prove it in a practical and realistic.

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How the Disneyland Measles Outbreak Affects Your Baby

Affects Your Baby
Women infected during pregnancy back pain period. Most of the pain is in the last three months of pregnancy, and may extend beyond the birth of up to six months.

This pain is divided, according to specialists, to three types are:
Type I: pain affects the lower back and extends to the legs.
Type II: joint pain affects Aharqovi, and be deep in the buttocks area, and may extend to the rear, or the side of the thigh. And usually this kind of pain appears, whenever the pregnancy progresses, and sometimes extends to the post-natal period.
Type III: Night and knows the pain, a pain that affects the lumbar region, and it feels like a pregnant woman when lying down to sleep at night.

The causes of disease
These specialists attributed the disease to many reasons lead to the incidence of these types of pain, including:
· Natural changes that occur during pregnancy.
· Weight gain during pregnancy.
· Changes and an increase in the secretion of certain hormones, which cause increased laxity of ligaments and muscles.
· Changes in the body's center of gravity.
· Pain appeared due to the same factors, which move back pain among non-pregnant women, as it may get all of the ligaments, muscles and joints and disc fatigue, caused by bad posture, and methods wrong in carrying heavy things, weak muscles or exposure to the injured.
Show lower back pain when exercising certain types of activities such as walking, standing for a long time, and running, bending forward, and volatility on the bed and carry things.
As the pregnancy progresses and increased fetal weight increased tension and the burden on joints and ligaments in the lumbar region, and increased weakness of the abdominal muscles, and at the same time increasing the secretions of certain hormones that act on the muscles and ligaments looseness in order to increase flexibility and stretch the birth canal.
The effect of these hormones is not limited to pregnant women basin, only, but extends to all the joints, including the joints of the spine. This leads to the spine loses its ability and full flexibility to cope with the stresses and strains growing because of new textures for pregnant women and increase the weight of the fetus.
The second type on the detailed Aharqovi pain, it is usually caused by the secretion of hormones cause the types of flexibility in the joints and ligaments laxity in the surrounding, and increasing pain while standing or walking or driving a long distance, and when lying down on the bed or the advancement of it.
As for the bottom of the night back pain, this type of pain begins when lying down on the bed, and read its cause pain to the pregnant woman, and is caused due to increase blood flow within the vessels in the pelvis and lower back.
And suffer a small percentage of women from hip pain during pregnancy. It causes inflammation or back pressure on the nerve hip, or what is known as «sciatica». And sometimes influenced by the work leads the nerve to feel weakened, weakness or tingling sensation. And linked to the backbone of hip pain, sometimes, the presence of back pain or without them, and perhaps even extends down the man. Contrary to what is commonly popularly, it had nothing to pressure the child to the backbone of the hip, and this is likely to nerve pain (sciatica) will show whether the woman is pregnant or not.
The majority of women demanding help the doctor because of back pain during pregnancy associated with pelvic belt. And outs of this pain, usually as a result of pregnancy, and require completely different treatment from other back pain treatments, which may not do any good, to be effective for this particular type, so it increases the severity of the pain in some cases not.
If a pregnant woman feels pain in or around the pelvic bone of the front, probably was suffering from so-called «rise Ani Allaozivi». Here it is necessary to request the assistance of a doctor, consultant or physical therapy in order to distinguish between these types of back pain.

Methods of home treatment:
· Antal good low-heeled shoes and padded.
• Develop «as» frozen on the area of ​​pain.
· Sleep on a solid and sturdy mattress and put a thin pad down the knees.
· Walking.
· Standing with the back to make a corresponding pressure to the wall and the rear side wall so slowly to the touch, then keep away from him, and repeat this exercise several times a day.
· Bending Balrkptin and hips when lifting heavy objects, and not while back.
· Be pregnant when something heavy carrier has to make it adjacent to the body until it reaches the desired location.
· Choose a solid straight back seat of a pregnant woman if it wants to sit down so that it is back in place without Thanih.
· When you sit down for a long period, on the stand to avoid the situation of the intersection of the legs, and put them orthoses on the ground to put him one of her feet.
· To maintain the rate of increase in weight, according to natural rates.
· Not to raise pregnant for her body to reconsider their own dishes to the Treasury, or attached to something on the wall, but it has to stand on a hard wooden armrest.
· Relax when haunt pregnant back pain.
· Some exercise to strengthen the back muscles.
Avoid back pain:
It can relieve back pain by maintaining physical fitness before pregnancy. If the woman was pregnant she could improve her fitness facility. The pregnant woman can reduce the pain hit back through exercise per week. If they are not accustomed to exercise, start by Pettmarenha gradually, pay attention to the status of the body straight, and avoid lifting heavy objects.
How to get rid of back pain:
· Massage: Massage lower back that helps in the relief of tired muscles and aching. And a pregnant woman how tend to try on the back of a chair, or to lie down on its side, while her husband gently massaging her muscles at the sides of the spine, and focuses on the lower back. And it can resort to a specialist massage pregnant or to the doctor, or a specialist in physical therapy, because they are the best in the assistance.
· Heat and water: helping to relieve back pain, such as the bathroom warm.
· Assistant belt use: a specialist physical therapy assistant may advised to wear belt to remove from the abdomen and back muscles a little bit of weight of the child.
· Use a pillow to help during sleep: sleep contributes to one side of the body, with a special pillow pregnancy when the lower abdomen, to get rid of back pain.
· Practice strength training and balance: lower abdominal exercises that may help relieve the weight of the load on the back of the carrier. And practice safe and easy exercise at the lower abdomen area, a pregnant woman kneeling on her hands and knees so that her back almost straight, and have to take breathe in, then exhale when practiced exercises the lower abdomen, and at the same time grabbing her stomach inward and upward. They must maintain this position for five to ten seconds without the lock itself or move her back, and it has to loosen your muscles slowly at the end of the exercise.
If the pregnant woman hurt the ass muscle (coccyx) to avoid sitting in the wrong shape, and maintain the integrity of the back as much as possible, and try to sit on a soft cushion.
When should I see a doctor?
If intensified the pain can no longer be tolerated.